Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I just want a friend...

I am seeking friendship that will possibly lead to love. All of my emotional baggage was stowed away years ago. I have taken time to establish myself at work in finance and enjoy condo living close to my office. My preference is a man that is still working and has adult children. My son in lving with his girlfriend in TO. I don't see any grandchildren in my future. I'm looking for a man that loves movies as much as I do. You must be willing to play golf with me and I could use some help in the kitchen. I enjoy home improvement and I always have a book on the go. I'm not interested in extreme sports, glamour or a whirlwind lifestyle. It's a simple life really. My family is very important to me. I hope you will join us for get togethers a couple of times a year and I look forward to meeting yours. I love my life. I'm not looking for a white knight to rescue me or a man to "fix it". I'd like a healthy, well-rounded man to enhance it. If I have struck a chord, please let me know.

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